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Automotive Speciality Shop (since 1978) 

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We do complete restorations, modern resto-rods & world class builds. We can personalize your vehicle and or repair the one you own:

·       Muscle Cars & Resto-Rods, Race Cars

·       Exotics & Imports

·       Trucks & Motor Bikes

·       Body Kits & Accessories

·       Specialty Paints, Custom Designs & Computerized Color Matching

·       Wet Sanding & Power Polishing

·       Custom Fabricating & Mechanical Work & Much

Proven Award Winning Quality & Trust Worthy Customer Service

1ST Place World’s Ultimate Restoration Las Vegas Nationals

3Rd Place World’s Ultimate (over 1200 entries) Las Vegas

1St Place   Best Car Atlantic Cruise of Champions Reno Nevada

Top Five Finalist  (20,000 entries) Hot August Nights, Reno Nevada

And 100s of other awards throughout Western Canada and USA

  If flat rate collision repairs are not an option, Joey’s Place will be happy to do the repair.

We do quality repairs at the highest standards.






1975 Duster Resto-Mod

  Except for the bumpers the body is basically like new- original. Front to back-the complete drive train, suspension, brakes, interior is going modern. Much like a new SRT8 Challenger.




1981 Trans Am

  As seen in the picture this car is in for a major amount of work to the body. Ultimately it will look exactly like it was when he bought it new yet with modern mechanical and drive train components.


  1963 Corvette-Resto-Mod

This was a decent original car that is now going to be a performance car.  While its classic looks will be maintained it will sit on a new frame and receive much new modern technology.


p1100376.jpg p1100424.jpg


  1979 Porche 930 Turbo

Every year we get to do Exotic European Cars. This very collectable 930 is for a complete tear down, paint stripping and tedious reassembly work.


2011 Challenger

We did some custom touches to a newer muscle car, a lowering kit, a custom hood, Oracle headlights and halos.


1966 Mustang Resto-Mod

The body was stripped to a bare metal shell and then meticulously rebuilt with meticulous attention and modern up graded parts, including: an EFI Stroked Engine, 4-Speed Auto Hotchikus, and Wildwood-Billet Specialties Parts.







1948 Ford Truck

As with most cars we build our customer has chosen to keep the exterior close to the original look yet underneath there is an ultra-modern Roadster Shop Full Chassis (suspension-steering, brakes).




1957 Chevrolet Convertible

  This unfortunate car was in an accident that required major repairs, parts replacement of the front right side. It was a challenge to get panels and trim fitting very well




1967 Shelby GT500 SE Super Snake

The first Carol Shelby authorized Super Snake has amazing historical value and is powered by an all-aluminum Supercharged 427 & over 780 HP.


2015 Lamborghini- Huracan

Came in for some custom work

A carbon fiber body kit and subtle other changes.


1971 442 W30 Olds  "Frame On Restoration".

This car came in the shop in nice condition. This is how it looked when it was ready for pickup.... even nicer. 


 1968 Cougar

Is receiving many major up grades. High lights include, suspension, frame, steering, brakes, and complete drive train.


  Hot Rod Chassis for a 1937 Ford.


Custom Paint on this Harley 

Is a result of a solid ground coat, a pearl mid coat, a few coats of dye and finished with a few coats of clear. p1090393.jpg

1972 Mustang

Very little of this car is original. We added a full frame from Art Morrison Chassis and the front inner aprons, firewall, floor back to tail panel are all hand fabricated.


Custom Paint is Candy Apply red over a black pearl. 

 Hand crafted interior by Gabe’s Custom Interiors of San Bernardino California


A 514cid Ford Engine with custom made individual fuel injection system by Kisler.

 There are many one-off components designed and fabricated by Joey’s Place




Full build, body and paint by Joey’s Place

1941 FORD PU

Beautiful truck with an outstanding fit and finish which certainly exceeds the original standards.




Joey’s Place consists of two separate buildings totaling over 13000 square feet. We have four major areas of assembly, metal-fabrication, sanding-prep, and paint (two down draft booths).  




Joey’s Race Team

Joey and the Joey’s Place Race will compete in 2017 throughout western Canada and the Unites States.  Once again, we thank Keg River Chemical for their ongoing support.

The team looks forward to a great season and its currents commitments to attend several major events such as The California Hot Rod Reunion pictured here.



1968 GTO wins Best Resto-Mod

This is a build we did approximately 7-8 years ago.  Our customer, being a snow bird in the Phoenix Az. area, recently entered the car in the Goodguys 18th Southwest National in Scottsdale Az.  The car was put in the feature car coral where it was awarded “Best Resto-Mod”. This is pretty cool for an older build.  





mustang02.jpg mustang03.jpg

This rewarding build began with only a rare body shell. We built and painted the body and interior to closely resemble the original, as it was when our customer owned it 30 years ago. The drive line and suspension have been completely modernized. Highlights include: a full Total Control coil over suspension, Wilwood disc brakes, and a Roush Racing 427 engine.




  2006 Mustang

This car is going through a major transformation.  Work began with a full tear down to the bare shell. All panels and the body were carefully prepared and painted in pieces.  The complete driveline is being up-graded to a Ford Racing DOC 4.6 liter engine with Vortech Supercharger, and TCI transmission. The complete suspension is up-graded with shocks, brakes and K-member by Maximum Motorsports.


   2005 Mustang

We were asked to give a 2005 Mustang a face lift. This is the result. A new body kit and a two tone paint custom House of Kolor with coarse metallic silvers




  Paint Work

We are often asked “how much to paint my car”. The application of paint is a small yet very important part of the process. A good paint job first requires the full disassembly of the exterior trim. A good paint job requires careful attention in the sanding and preparation process. This can mean hand block-sanding the surface as opposed to the much easier sanding with air tools. Even the masking process is seldom considered but is critical to a quality end product and project cost.



1970 Chevelle

This is the end result of taking a car that most people would have crushed.  Other than the upper firewall and windshield frame every panel was replaced. From there we pie – cut and gapped every seam, straighten every inch of the body then prepped and painted the body. The customer received the car just as it is shown.


Collision and General Repairs

Joeys Place does collision repairs and works with select insurance companies. We realize our cherished vehicles can require anything from minor paint repairs, to panel replacement.

Since we build these cars we often have access to required parts. We also offer both solvent and water base paints in our computerized paint matching system (for the best possible color matches).



1969 Camaro

  We were asked to give an older car a mild restoration. We started with swapping in a new 383 stroker crate engine, headers, and electronic ignition.  All body panels were removed-disassembled and prepped for this vibrant House of Kolor pearl yellow paint job with rally stripes. The customer supplied wheels and tires, and new exterior chrome trim. The final result is a car that looks and drives great.



  A pair of Black Cars: 1967 Chevy II and a 1966 Nova,

One has flat black trim, the other gloss black trim, one is a big block the other a small block, both very cool cars and sure look good as a pair.



Custom Hood

Installing aftermarket hoods and spoilers is very popular yet can be challenging. No matter what the manufactures says it is always challenging to get aftermarket parts to fit as well as the original. Then there is challenge of matching paint (never easy).  

Although we cannot work miracles we do have decades of experience to deliver the best possible results.



1953  Buick

The major restoration of this beautiful car is well into the assembly stages. The mechanical work is done as is the process of repairing, polishing and installation of countless pieces of stainless trim. The last big step, is interior assemble, is yet to be completed. Other than the actual re-upholstery of seats, restoration of interior trim and the rebuild of the engine and transmission all other work is completed in house. 



1971 Hemi Cuda and 1969 Camaro

 Both cars are in the assembly processes. 


Hot Rod Build

 This hot rod build is one of our new major projects. Our customer wants a long list of one of a kind touches. We are mocking up the body and planning changes to th ewheel openings. This is a totally personalized build. 




 Polish and Detailing a Porsche

We have many requests to bring new life to old cars without the expense of a new paint job. We can accomplish this without using products with fillers which results in temporary fixes.

It is possible with vehicles that just have light swirls and scratches and by using procedures that include: multi-step sanding, compounding and polishing processes.



 1967 GTX Hemi 4-Speed

This car shows outstanding detail in every area. This level of restoration detail is only achieved when the body is placed on a rotisserie. This car received a very extensive and challenging restoration. Although the body was in very rough shape the owner wanted a very high quality end product. To make it even more difficult not much was available for this era and model car. This required much hand fabrication.

Many skilled people contributed to the final results which were well worth all efforts. 



Triple Black Cuda

This project from a couple years ago was returned for a little exterior polishing and detailing work. This all black car, including the 383 stripping on the back quarter panel, has a great look. 


 Candy Apple Paint Repairs

This Willy’s truck was built over 20 years ago and recently brought from California. The new owner did not like the painted flames it sported nor did he want to repaint the complete truck. He asked us to help.

Initially we told him it was a 20 year old true candy apple paint job which is almost impossible to only paint the front end and have it match the rest of the truck. He asked us to do our best. Although it is not perfect, all things considered, it is pretty good. 



 1953 Buick Roadmaster

This is a major “frame off” restoration. The car or body has been through the processes of all metal repairs (rust) body and prep work. As you see here all the inner and underside surfaces have been painted and the frame and all suspension parts were powder coated. We will soon start the assembly process which will begin with the drive line, dash, headliner and eventually exterior panels and trim. 



 1970 Hemi Grand Coup Convertible

This is one of our major builds from a few years ago. The owner took it to the Mopar Nationals in Las Vegas for the second time this spring. The event celebrated the 50th anniversary of the 426 Hemi.

For those old enough to remember, Chrysler backed a group of racers call the Ramchargers along with one of the original funny car racers Tom Hoover. Both were on hand to present a special award for an outstanding Hemi car that exemplified the past 50 years. Our customer tells us he was thrilled to have his car given such a high honor.




   1975 Duster – Our Next Big Project

Our customer has owner this car for a couple decades and now it is time to fulfill his long-time dream. The body will get our usual attention to rust repair. The narrowing of the rear end will be the only body modification. The suspension will get major upgrades with an Alterktion Coilover front end and Street Lynx rear end. Mechanical upgrades will include 4-wheel disc brakes, a modern fuel injected Hemi and a five-speed transmission.


Joey and Joey’s Place featured in Hot Rod and Restoration  



 1966 Corvette

It will be the best of both new and old worlds.

It has the iconic and timeless Corvette mid-style body yet it has an aftermarket Paul Newman C-4 style frame (includes suspension and brakes to the LS7 engine), Tremic 5- Speed transmission, and several other upgrades through the restoration process.

 What is Quality Paint Work?

We believe quality paint work/jobs begin with complete disassembly of the vehicle as evidenced with this

1978 Corvette.

 The bumpers, door handles, window moldings, grills, lights etc. are all removed.  In addition to proper disassemble there is extra/proper masking efforts for protect all areas.


1970 CAMARO- New Big Project to Watch

Our customer has requested this body as the starting point for a very big build. It will have many of the latest-current products. The parts order and basis for creating the resto begins with: a Roadster Shop Front Sub Frame, Mast Motors LS7 427 SS Dry Sump Pump for power, American T56 Power Train Transmission, and Anvil Auto carbon fiber panels.

Carefully planning and communicating with our customer has resulted in many companies (Rideteck, Concept One, Rick's Sick HIDS, Ring Brothers, Fesler, Forgeline ETC) supplying parts for this very exciting project.


Here you see the final stages: car is running with all electrical systems working.  We have a great deal of pride in this project which hopefully is evident through these pictures.  We always strive for great attention to detail as well as achieving the best project possible. That said we are also grateful to work for great customers who give us the opportunity to build and work on vehicles. 



Special Attention 

When you want more than flat rate repair shop work, come see Joey’s Place.

We are passionate about what we do and we pride ourselves on being the shop that is capable of preforming repair work on all vehicles.

Whether you need repairs for your aging race car, muscle car or

your Austin Martin DB9 we can handle the job.


Are you concerned about your car's protection when it is left for repair work?

Whether it is a rare muscle car or a Bentley Continental GTC, we guarantee proper care for your vehicle. 

We offer a safe and clean environment for your vehicle’s protection. Furthermore, our insurance company, the security company and the fire department are all aware of the value of cars in our possession.



Color Change

We are often asked to change the color of a vehicle. We have just completed changing an existing factory white vehicle to a flat black vehicle.

The top picture shows the GM Escalade receiving extensive work while the bottom picture shows the finished product.

Obviously, cutting corners and saving time was possible but this level of thoroughness ensures the entire vehicle (every nook and cranny) is exactly as if the original color was factory. The most time consuming procedures were disassembly and re-assembly. 


1972 Mustang

Very little of this car is original, especially when one considers the full Art Morrison Chassis, the hand fabricated full firewall, hand fabricated cowl, hand fabricated complete floor and rear wheelhouse area. 

Much of this car (not seen in this picture) is designed and hand fabricated. Furthermore, the paintwork is red pearl over black ground coat, resulting in beautiful highlights when the sun strikes it.


1971 Corvette Roadster

This picture shows the level of care and attention we put into the painting processes. We believe all details (both big and small) make the difference in realizing a quality paint job.



  1969 Resto Rod Camaro is one of the coolest projects we have ever built. 

This real Z-28 first needed a full restoration which included replacing most of the body panels. Subtle modifications have been done to items such as door handles, bumpers, valance, and fire wall to make this car unique. The interior and the electronics have also been upgraded. The paint is special affects Hot Hues Silver.



1969 Resto Rod Camaro

The engine is a LS2 with a Magna Charger producing over 700 H.P., there is a Tremec 5-Speed Transmission, a Detroit Speed and Engineering Hydraformed front sub frame, tubular control arms, coil over shocks, and rack & pinion steering, Quadra Link rear suspension, Ford 9" diff. narrowed 7", and custom Budnick rims.

The car won three first place awards in the 2009 Powerama Car Show including; First in Class, Outstanding Early Street Machine and The Top 10 Award in show.